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Nazareth Regional HSThe Board of Trustees of Nazareth Regional High School Corporation, chaired by Alice Hession has stipulated that Nazareth Regional High School will remain open if it meets, by April 15, 2012, the following three conditions imposed by the Board:

- First, the school has enrolled 80 freshman students with enrollment fees fully paid. After two weeks of open recruitment, the school, with 65 students signed up, is at 81% of the goal with all enrollment fees paid through a generous gift from one of Naz’s major donors.

- Second, the school must raise $700,000 in funding to secure the next 6 months of operations and pay down Naz’s debt load from the past. The school is 14% of the way toward this goal with fundraising efforts just beginning.

- Third, the school has produced a strategic and operating plan that ensures going forward that the school is both stable and sustainable over the next four years and beyond – with particular attention given to an effective development and fundraising plan that harnesses school and community support including parents and teachers, students, alumni, and community leadership. The plan is currently under development.

If you have any questions, please call Mrs. Quiles at (718) 763-1100 X223.

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